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What is Brandketing?

¿Qué es el Brandketing?

Brandketing is a new concept that arises from the merger between Branding and Marketing.

In the new scenario, and with so many tools at our disposal, we must be ready for the challenges. One of the great discussions of the moment is focused on determining what should have more weight in brand strategies, Marketing or Branding.

My answer: both. And it is precisely from the sum of these that this new concept was born that was always present, but lacked an identity or word that would define it correctly: Brandketing.

My recommendation is to add, and not divide. Neither branding nor marketing, what the universe of brands is Brandketing.

It is about transforming the values ​​of a brand into history. These values ​​will make sense and will address reason and emotion simultaneously.

And achieving recognition, reputation takes time, planning and maturation and revolves around five general concepts:

  1. Contents
  2. Confidence
  3. Consistency
  4. Coherence
  5. Constancy

Undoubtedly today No. 1 is the most mentioned. It is evident that the consumption of content is making companies assume that just talking about a product or service does not create the interest necessary to create influence, traffic and relevance. That is why Brand Content becomes gasoline.

Nothing is new. Everything is new. Everything changes so that everything stays the same. Or rather: the changes have not created the personality of the brands, they have only revealed it.

The Brandketing , by way of conclusion, allows to define the brand in a unique and consistent way, and allows to establish a coherent marketing strategy and linked to the deep needs of the consumer.


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